Eleanor Belson
Majestic Tower 9601 Collins Ave.
Bal Harbor, FL 33154

Thanks to the expert assistance of interior designer, Terrence Tullgren, my condominium in the Majestic Tower, Bal Harbour, Florida, looks like pages out of "House Beautiful."

From fabrics to furnishings, from wall coverings to window treatments; from flooring to accessories; every room has the "feel and look" of comfort and beauty. Those who have seen the apartment describe the total effect as "simple elegance."

Working with Mr. Tullgren was a pleasure. He is non-intimidating and non-imposing. He listens and observes, and then guides and advises so that the final result will be a reflection of "you". He is very fair, and he is very knowledgeable as to the best resources for whatever is needed. Most important, he always has the clients best interest in mind.

What I had anticipated as an overwhelming and difficult task, turned out to be an enjoyable and gratifying experience resulting in a beautiful, comfortable and "simply elegant" apartment.

Luz Starck, M.D.
Carlos Stark, M.D.
Tomy Stark, M.D.
San Antonio, TX

To whom it may concern:

Re: TNT Enterprises

Terrence was introduced to us by a satisfied mutual friend and client about two years ago.

From the beginning, Terrence impressed us with his professionalism and attention to detail. As very busy professionals, he accommodated to our tight schedules and devoted significant time and effort to research the best options for our designs. He emphasized high quality products while always keeping an eye over costs.

The resultable of his work was terrific. He is a very trust able person and we recommend him in the highest possible terms. If we relocate to Florida in the future, there is no doubt in our minds the he will be our choice.


Patricia A. Thorp, President
231 Altara Avenue
Coral Gables, Florida 33146-1422
(305) 446-2700
Fax: (305) 446-5050

Dear Terrence,

I am completely and totally delighted with the decorating transformation you effected on my house!

As you know, I moved into a new house in Coconut Grove with only a few pieces of furniture, and lots of bare walls and floors. In record time, and with an unusual sensitivity for budget, you worked with me to transform it into a beautiful, elegant, comfortable and cozy home.

One of the things I appreciated the most—in fact I was quite pleasantly surprised by it—was your dedication to learning my style and my preferences, and then decorating the house in a way that manifested my taste. This seems very different from many interior designers and decorators I know who tend to re-create their standard themes on new assignments, regardless of the client's personal taste.

You were easy to work with, always professional, and followed through on everything, from the largest purchases to the smallest details. You made sure that your suppliers provided courteous, on-time delivery. In short, decorating my house was a pleasure, creatively and personally, when working with you.

I would be delighted to serve as a reference for any of your future clients—I am that "sold" on your abilities and the results you achieved.

G. Jaeger

I have bought a condo in Surfside, FL.
I hired a contractor, Jack, to remodel my kitchen and bathrooms and to paint the entire apartment. Thereafter, I met Terrence Tullgren of TNT Enterprises.

Terrence took me shopping to furnish the entire apartment; from floor coverings to window treatments. This was done in a very efficient, but not rushed, fashion. Terrence advised me on color schemes and fabrics and was most helpful in all areas. I then returned to NY.

While I was gone, Terrence also undertook to oversee Jack, who did not work in a timely fashion. If it were not for Terrence my apartment would not have been finished by the promised date.

Terrence also over saw the installation of
my furniture and floor coverings. If something was not done to his satisfaction, it was done again. The end result is that after five and a half years. I still love my apartment and color scheme.