How often do you go into a person’s home and it looks disjointed,
not pulled together, not coordinated?

A designer should be able to interpret
your ideas for your home and turn them
into a reality, at a realistic price and within
a reasonable time frame. Often, that means manufacturing custom pieces, as items you want for your home may not be available
in stores.

Designers know scale and proportion and can save the homeowner a lot of frustration and money. Many costly mistakes are made by homeowners buying furniture which is the wrong size, color or style.

Most important, an interior designer in Miami can bring you to stores and sources that are not available to the general public, and those establishments give incentive prices
to designers.


Also, designers are there to supervise
and spend endless hours in installations, which homeowners don’t appreciate until they have decorated their own house and then realize they could have spent their valuable time doing other things.


And finally, a designer is able to create
the total “look” you want, not just in bits and pieces which is often the case when one is unskilled in decorating.